HarmonyHacks—A 12 Hour Bay Area Hackathon

HarmonyHacks is a high school hackathon: a 24-hour programming event where students work in teams to make hardware and software projects. This year, we aim to have around 150 attendees with a 1:1 gender ratio.

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$14,380 in prizes

HyperX Gaming Headsets (4)

HyperX RBG Mouse Pad (4)

Digital Ocean T-Shirts (4)

Unity Games Tutorial (2)

Wolfram One (30)

STEAM Codes (2)

Discord Shirts (4)

Bugsee Credit (4)

OmniGraffle (4)

25 Dollar AOPS Gift Card (4)

Digital Ocean Credits (12)

1 Year of VoiceFlow Business (150)

Sashido Credits (150)


-Participants: Individuals in High School, Teams up to 4


Submit your ENTIRE project on a ZIP file.


David Yang

Judging Criteria

  • Social Welfare
    The task for this category is to tackle one of the problems these people face, be it safety, educational opportunities, job opportunities, etc.
  • Presentation Aptitude
    How was the speaker? Were they persuasive? How effective was their speech? Was there eye contact?
  • Creativity
    How original is this idea?
  • Overall Difficulty
    In this task: evaluate how difficult their project was, including code, taking into account the usage of templates.


  • Social Good